About me

Hi, my name is Korbinian. I’m a maker, photographer and amateur astronomer from Pfronten, Germany.

Aside from making my own telescopes, I try to develop a lot of tools and equipment by myself, including software. I enjoy writing and documenting projects, as well as the extensive and challenging image processing of planets and other objects of the solar system.

I took a break for a few years from astronomy and left a lot of my original equipment behind. Now I’m currently setting up for a even bigger approach to selfmade astronomy. This let me getting my first 3D printer and I also want to cover this aspect of selfmade astronomy on this homepage.

After studying physics and biology in Munich, I worked as freelancing software developer and online producer, but I finally had to give up my independence and work now for a big mechanical engineering company back in Pfronten.

contact info

Korbinian Heel
Meilinger Str. 5
87459 Pfronten