The data on this website

This website runs on the content-delivery-network service (CDN) netlify.

what data

When visiting this website you leave a footprint in the logfiles of netlify. This includes your public IP address and the data your browser sends for the handshake and content requests. I have no access to this data.

third parties involved

This site uses some services from third parties to ensure a enjoyable experience. Your browser will therefore not only send requests to netlify servers, but also to third party servers such as google or youtube to request data. Third parties may also use your requests to gather data from you, this may include tracking and the use of third party cookies.

webkit fonts

This site uses webfonts via the google API. By accessing this site your browser automaticly requests data from google.

google analytics

this site uses google analytics to give me an idea, what people are interested in and where they came from, when visiting my site. As much as I hate this, as useful it is, so I’m still using it.

embedded content

Some pages may include embedded content, so your browser requests data from third party sites such as By opening a site with embedded content from a third party content service, your browser directly requests data from this service.

I try to mark every embedded object and it’s origin, so you can easily find their own privacy policies.

disqus comments

All blog pages load a comment widget from disqus to provide a safe commenting feature on my site.


what can you do

You can enjoy your visit on my site, if you disagree, you can not visit my site. If you have any questions regarding your privacy feel free to contact me, preferable via email.

Hint: If you want to visit the web anonymously: get a VPN, disable cookies, use your browsers incognito features.